ACs in hot areas like Dubai have become a lifeline for the residents. In most places they work for eight months or so and in some parts throughout the year. This calls for regular AC maintenance in Dubai to keep them in better shape. AC Repair in Dubai becomes a pressing issue because of their long use and some times due to wrong usage or repair.

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Al Hadi has a team of experienced professionals with over 15 years of industry exposure. We have serviced more than a 1000 units, much to the satisfaction of our clients. During a site visit, our friendly technician would check for refrigerant levels or leaks, measure air flow, inspect electric terminals, motors and thermostat, among several other things as the situation demands.

AC Maintenance In Dubai

Professional Team for AC Maintenance Dubai – Fast & Reliable Service Unless you are coming from an icy place like Alaska, you will not enjoy consistent hot and humid weather. If you live in Dubai, then you must be aware of the

AC Emergency Repair Services

AC Repair Service Dubai

We Are Providing AC Repair Dubai, UAE Are you tired of your ac repair in Dubai? Are you looking for Certified Professionals to carry out your ac repair with improved facilities and in an expert way?. Hot and humid conditions are not easy to

Air Conditioning installation service

Air Conditioning installation service Living in hot and humid weather conditions without an air conditioner is a challenging proposition, and Dubai and Sharjah are no different. With the temperatures moving above the 45-degree mark, air conditioning installation service in Dubai

AC Emergency Repair Services

AC Emergency Repair Services

Emergency AC Repair Dubai Living in Dubai is a great experience provided you are able to counter the sultry climate. A working air conditioner comes to your rescue when the weather conditions are hot and humid. Of course, it is

Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air Conditioning Repair Service Dubai Air conditioners are expensive machines that make your indoor environment livable. In the hot and humid climatic conditions of Dubai air conditioners are a big respite from the sultry heat. The more we get used

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Refrigerator Repairing Services / Home Appliances Repair Dishwashers- Our experts cover all sorts of dish washer repairing service. We are offering best and customers friendly services. Our expert technicians will fix problems that your dishwasher is facing whether it is

We are Experts in Air Condition AC Repair and AC Maintenance in Dubai.


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