Hire An AC Installation Service In Dubai That Is Professional

Bright sunny days are mood elevators no doubt, but once the temperature starts crossing the 40 degree mark appreciating it becomes difficult. And, when you couple hot weather conditions with high humidity levels – bearing such climatic conditions without an AC becomes intolerable to say the least. This is summers for you in Dubai.
With all basic and modern conveniences, Dubai is a fun place to live, work and holiday, as long as you have an AC to beat the heat. When you have a functional AC, life in Dubai rocks. But, things become a bit different if you plan to shift your residence, or when it is time for you to change your old air conditioner. This is when you start thinking about an AC installation service in Dubai – as air conditioners then need to be installed.
ACs come in different shapes, makes, types and sizes.

Types of ACs

Broadly, there are mainly two types of air conditioning units that are commonly in use in residential properties of Dubai. These are – Split ACs and Window ACs.

Make of ACs

There are many major players in the air conditioning industry and some of them having substantial presence in the Dubai market are – Daikin, General, Carrier, Mitsubishi, York, LG, SKM, Midea, Fujitsu and Gree.

Capacity of ACs

Air conditioners come in different capacities. The capacity of an AC would depend on the size and area of your room, bigger the room size greater the capacity requirement of an air conditioner.
Depending on the size of your room you can select an air conditioner for your house. For example, a window AC is sufficient for a small room, but if the area is relatively bigger you would need a split air conditioner.
Also, check out the star rating of an air conditioner. Greater the number of stars more energy efficient would be the AC. Obviously, energy efficient ACs consume less electricity.
Once you zero in on the make, size and type of the AC, the next and more crucial stage is installing the air conditioner. Any company providing AC services in Dubai would not do, you need professionals who can effectively install the air conditioner.
Air conditioner is an expensive machine and you should only hire specialists for doing the job. Get in touch with an AC installation service in Dubai, more specifically a company having trained experts for installing air conditioners.

Why you should hire a professional AC installation service in Dubai?

When you have a problem in your eye you know whom to consult – not just any doctor, you go to an ophthalmologist. Similarly, any company providing AC services in Dubai would not serve the purpose. You need to hire a professional AC installation services company in Dubai. Some of the reasons why you should only call in experts are:

  1. They would not spoil your air conditioner.
  2. They would know where to place the unit and why.
  3. They would not ruin your walls/ window.
  4. They would ensure that electrical fittings are proper.
  5. They would properly seal the room – an absolute essential to make cooling more effective.
  6. They can look after the maintenance (of your AC) part as well.

For AC installation service in Dubai just call Al Hadi Refrigeration and Repairing, a trusted name in the air conditioning industry. With over 15 years of experience, we at Al Hadi are capable of installing AC’s of any make, type and capacity.
A professionally manged family owned business, Al Hadi offers competitive pricing and a turnaround time that matches the best in the industry.

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