Air Conditioning installation service

Air Conditioning installation service

Living in hot and humid weather conditions without an air conditioner is a challenging proposition, and Dubai and Sharjah are no different. With the temperatures moving above the 45-degree mark, air conditioning installation service in Dubai is what you look for when your AC stops functioning and you need to change it. Wr are Proving AC maintenance Duabi and AC Repair in Sharjah.

The size of your room would determine the capacity of the air conditioner you need to purchase. Also, the place where you want to get the AC installed is another important consideration which would influence your purchase decision.

But, the general rule of thumb is to always hire an experienced air conditioning installation service in Dubai so that no damage is done to your unit as well as your property.

The ACs that come today vary a lot in terms of technology, energy efficiency, and health benefits.

The first criterion in selecting an AC is whether to go for a window AC or split AC. Window ACs are good for relatively small spaces (typically 100 to 650 sqft) and are mounted on windows or walls as a single unit. The size of such ACs increase with the room size. This is where the split ACs come in. As per the name, the split AC is divided into two parts viz., the cooling unit which is installed inside the room and the compressor outside. This arrangement ensures that there is no noise inside the room, unlike the window ACs.

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Air condition installation

Before you avail an AC installation in Dubai it would make sense to consider the following factors:

  • The area of the room should decide the capacity of the air condition unit that you require. Typically a one tonne AC is sufficient for around 100 sqft of space. A general rule is to take the square root of the room’s area and divide it by 10. The resultant figure will be the AC tonnage required.
  • Better energy star rating means the unit will consume less electricity. So look for an energy-efficient model of AC.
  • Decide between a window AC and split AC. Window ACs are cheaper and good if you have a window in the room that open outside the house. Split ACs are better if noise is a problem with you and your room size is bigger.
  • After sales support is equally important. This ensures peace of mind.

If you need a new air condition installation in Dubai please contact Al Hadi AC Refrigeration and Repairing. Our friendly sales staff will assist you to your satisfaction.

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