Why You Need To Maintain Your Air Conditioners In Dubai

With summers just round the corner, sooner rather than later the temperature in Dubai would cross the 45 degree mark. To bear this without a functional AC is by no means a joke.
Air conditioners are complex and expensive machines that help control the temperature of your inside environs, be it the place you work or an apartment where you stay. And, how do you ensure that your summers in Dubai pass off peacefully and there is no glitch in any of the air conditioning units?
AC maintenance in Dubai is the best way to keep the health of your machine in prime condition.

AC maintenance in Dubai

Machines are prone to breakdown over time. But, if you take care of your air conditioner there is no reason why you would have to look for an air condition repair service in Dubai. Irrespective of the make, capacity and type of the AC, your air conditioner will stop cooling your room if it is not properly maintained.
When it comes to AC maintenance in Dubai, one of the most important aspect is selecting a company that is professionally managed. This is because only qualified specialists and/ or experts should be allowed to service your unit.
But, the first thing that would come to your mind is why is servicing required when the unit is just working fine. Hence, let us try and understand the significance of AC maintenance in Dubai.

Why you need to maintain your ACs in Dubai?

At regular intervals you take your car for servicing, don’t you? Why – because it is recommended. Just like your car, an AC is also a machine which needs to be serviced at the start of the season (read summers). One of the primary reasons for getting your air conditioner serviced in time every year is that it keeps functioning fine the entire year round.
Here are some of the other advantages of getting your air conditioner serviced:

  1. Saves you your money – If you keep running your AC even when the filter is blocked, or with a dirty condenser, it can cause the unit to breakdown. Air condition repair service in Dubai, or for that matter anywhere, is a lot costlier than AC maintenance.
  2. It increases the life of your AC – Routine maintenance increases the life of your air conditioner, it also improves efficiency of the unit.
  3. It also saves energy – Regular maintenance work makes your air conditioner energy efficient. Air flows freely if the filter of the unit is clean which puts less load on the fan motor. Also, a condenser which is dirty puts extra load on the compressor that can lead to major breakdowns. And, when compressors work over time your air conditioners consume more energy.
  4. Keeps your AC soundless – When professionals service your unit they ensure that no screw is left loose. If the AC is serviced properly it runs smoothly throughout the season without any hiccups.

If you want to keep AC repair service in Dubai at bay the first thing which you should do before the start of any summer season is get your air conditioner serviced. Just pick up the phone and call Al Hadi Refrigeration and Repairing, a professionally managed company which can take care of all your AC needs.
Al Hadi Refrigeration and Repairing offers its clients annual maintenance contracts or AMCs. Once you get into an AMC with Al Hadi you do not need to worry about your air conditioners. The responsibility of servicing and maintaining your ACs then rests with a company that has over 15 years of industry experience.
When you think of AC maintenance in Dubai just call Al Hadi – a trusted name in UAE.

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