Split AC Maintenance in Dubai

Split AC Maintenance in Dubai

Air conditioners are machines that make your living spaces comfortable in places like Dubai, where climatic conditions are hot and humid. Be it your home or office, living without an AC in UAE is a tough task.

Air conditioners come in different shapes, sizes and capacities and split AC is one such type. But, whatever be the size, capacity or type of an air conditioner, it is imperative for you to maintain your machine in good condition so that it keeps performing at the optimum level.

And, for all those who own a split AC getting it serviced before the start of the summer season is the best way of preventing major break downs. Always look for an experienced split AC service in Dubai so that your machine is in safe hands.

For those who already own a split AC, you should have it serviced before the arrival of summers in UAE.

Al Hadi AC Refrigration and Repairing is into the AC service and repair in Dubai and Sharjah. Our split AC service and split AC repair team in Dubai has a combined industry experience of more than 15 years in the industry.

Our long list of satisfied clients speaks volume about our work.

Split AC Repair in Dubai

We at Al Hadi make sure that your split ACs are in top working condition at the onset of summers and throughout the year otherwise. Al Hadi specialises in split AC service in Dubai and split AC repair in Dubai. Our response time to attend calls compares to the best in the industry.

We have serviced more than a 1000 units so far. In other words, our team identifies the problem with your split AC faster and so fix it in less time than most others. Our split AC repair in Dubai ensures that the AC is up and running with minimum part replacement thereby ensuring that less cost is incurred by our esteemed clients.

Best Practices

Although we cannot replace the experts but there are certain steps that can help add years to the life of your split AC and also cut down on your power bills.

  • Make sure that you set the temperature of your split AC units at mostly 24 degrees and set the thermostat to automatic mode.
  • Keep your curtains closed during the day in rooms facing the sun directly. It stops the sun rays from entering the room and making it difficult for the split ACs to cool the house.
  • Use fans at night, and switch off the split ACs when a desired level of cooling is achieved. Fans help circulate the cool air faster and so make it easier for the split ACs.
  • Use chimney or an exhaust fan while cooking in the kitchen. It keeps the hot air outside the house.
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