AC Repair Service Dubai

We Are Providing AC Repair Dubai, UAE

Are you tired of your ac repair in Dubai? Are you looking for Certified Professionals to carry out your ac repair with improved facilities and in an expert way?. Hot and humid conditions are not easy to tolerate, especially when you are not used to them. But, thanks to the air conditioners – living in such extreme settings can also become a pleasant experience, and more so if you are in Dubai.
Air conditioners are machines that make your room interiors cool and comfortable by controlling not just the temperature, but humidity as well. No wonder, you want your AC units to function day in and day out without giving you trouble.
But, air conditioners are also prone to breakdowns over time. Though an unpleasant experience, yet the reality is that it can happen to any machine, and to counter such scenarios you always need to have a trusted AC repair service Dubai.
Don’t worry, just pick up the phone and call Al Hadi Refrigeration andRepairing and we will ensure that you face minimum possible inconvenience. After all, our turnaround time to attend to complaints is among the best in the industry.
Just like any other machine, over time even your air conditioner will break down once in a while. Repairing an air conditioner is a technical job, you need to have knowledge and expertise to fix it. It is not a child’s play. Therefore, it is important in such scenarios to make a wise move and call in experts. Don’t make a mistake by handing over your air conditioner repair to amateurs or novices, as this might save you some money initially, but will cost more in the long run.
With an experience of over 15 years, we at Al Hadi are capable of handling complaints from minor repair work to major breakdowns. Our trained technicians are competent enough to carry out repairs on all makes and types of ACs, irrespective of their capacities.

Some of the common problems that would require you to call an AC repair service Dubai are:

  • The unit is not turning on.
  • The air conditioner is not cooling properly.
  • You hear weird noises.
  • Inadequate or no air flow.
  • Compressor not working, while the fan is running.
The reason for your air conditioner not working properly could range from a refrigerant leak or low level of coolant and clogged drains to improper thermostat setting or blocked filter. At times the compressor could also be at fault.
Even though you might be able to identify the problem, but getting to the root cause of the issue and fixing it is what matters most. And, we at Al Hadi are capable of repairing all of these effectively and efficiently so that you get back your peace of mind fast.
A family-owned business, Al Hadi is a professionally managed company serving the whole of Dubai and Sharjah.
We believe in transparency and there are no hidden charges associated with our services, whether repairing, servicing or installation. And, that is the reason of our growing number of satisfied clients.
If there is an issue with your air conditioner just call Al Hadi, an AC repair service Dubai which is par excellence.

No job is too small or too big for us, our trained technicians are capable of handling all kinds of repair work with ease and a smile.