Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air Conditioning Repair Service Dubai

Air conditioners are expensive machines that make your indoor environment livable. In the hot and humid climatic conditions of Dubai, air conditioners are a big respite from the sultry heat.
The more we get used to staying in the AC the greater is the difficulty when we have to live without them.
As you know, air conditioners like any other machine are also prone to breakdowns as they age. Air conditioners are complex machines that need expert handling. Hence, you should only allow trained professionals to repair your ACs.
Whenever such a situation arises you should look for a trusted air conditioning repair service in Dubai.
To achieve the desired goals, the AC units work at many levels. They control the room temperature and humidity, optimise the airflow and clean the air inside. The following main components work inside the unit:
  1. Compressor (a pump that circulates the refrigerant gas)
  2. Condenser (works like a radiator, collects and releases the heat)
  3. Evaporator (coils that remove heat and humidity from the air)
  4. Fan (blows air over the condenser to remove the heat into outside air)
  5. A blower circulates air over the evaporator, throwing cool air inside the room.
  6. The thermostat regulates the amount of cool air.
  7. The filter cleans the air.
With so many sub-units in action inside the AC, there are possibilities that you may need an air conditioning repair service anytime.

AC Repair Service

AC units like all machines are prone to fail. Some of the common issues that require an air conditioning repair service are:
  • The AC unit is not cooling properly. The following could be the reason: i) Low level of refrigerant or a leakage. ii) The thermostat is not set properly or is not reading the correct temperature. iii) Clogged drainage. iv) Clogged filter.
  • The AC unit is not switching on. The following could be the reason: i) Worn out compressor and fan controls. ii) The thermostat need new batteries or is to be replaced completely.
  • Not enough airflow. The following could be the reason: i) Clogged or leaking ducts. ii) Clogged filter (a very common problem).

Please remember that at the end of the day, air condition repair service is a specialised job and so requires the attention of an expert. We at Al Hadi AC Refrigeration and Repairing has a team of seasoned technicians that can undertake any type of AC repair service in Dubai and Sharjah.