It’s normal for the weather to be hot and humid in the Summers of Dubai, with temperatures averaging between 30 degrees Celsius at night and almost 40 s during the day. Until the early 1900 s, the only way to maintain a good temperature in the house was to open a window or door. Although the technology for air conditioners was invented in 1902, it took time until the 1920 s, to be introduced for residential use. After that, the comfort level of homes changed forever.

Regardless of whether it is residential or commercial, Air conditioning units are a vital part of our daily life. An air conditioner requires regular maintenance to function competently and efficiently throughout its years of service. For your AC to keep functioning properly, you have to do ordinary running tasks on your AC to work more effectively without the need to replace it with a new appliance.
Since the inception of air conditioners, they have provided a great service to their users. Not only do they provide you with cool air and create a comfortable home environment, but they also improve the air quality of your house. Modern AC units are equipped with washable or disposable filters that control allergens and pollutants from circulating throughout your home spaces.
Are you one of the homeowners who haven’t installed AC, Or is your system so old that the cost of replacement will pay for itself in energy savings? One of the recent research shows that systems more than 10-12 years old may be running on older, energy-hogging technology or, if not properly maintained, are very likely to have parts that decrease efficiency. There are many good reasons to install an AC or replace an existing, older machine.




Preventative maintenance keeps your system working at maximum capacity. It helps the important equipment conserve energy.AC Repair Dubai is continuing to serve its customers for 20 years. We strive for quality work and provide you the best AC maintenance services. However, it is equally important that you should be well aware of the right time to call for AC maintenance.AC maintenance Dubai is here to guide you about the right timing for maintenance of your system but first, you should consider the importance of AC maintenance.

Protects expensive unit

Replacing an air conditioning unit could be very expensive especially when you are repeatedly doing it so every few years. Taking serious notice of the proper maintenance of your AC extends the life of your system. According to Air conditioning professionals, regular maintenance prevents many AC replacements.AC maintenance Dubai is always ready to provide you timely maintenance to your valuable equipment.

Reduces unexpected and costly repairs

Scheduled checkups reduce the possibility of unexpected and costly repairs. It also reduces the need for emergency service. While servicing your AC unit, a skilled and qualified technician of AC maintenance Dubai will notify you of any worn equipment or need for repair and parts replacement. This helps you prevent damage to any expensive parts and avoid an emergency call.

Increases efficiency of your equipment

A worn-out part of your Air conditioning system will make you pay more and you will suffer mentally as well as financially.AC maintenance Dubai provides you with scheduled maintenance services that will increase the efficiency of your system. . Regular AC “check-ups” include thorough cleaning of blades, cooling coils, and other components. This is very important for your unit to keep on giving you a comfortable life, and saving utility bills. Any clogged part of your system will make your unit consume more energy, which may result in more energy consumption and high bills.

Provides you a comfortable cooling environment in hot summers

Imagine a temperature of 40 to 45 % and you are having some gathering at your home... Your Air conditioner stops working and you are just facing an insane condition. In this pitiful condition of discomfort, you contact some AC repair services near you and they are not able to reach you because of the hot blazing sun outside or they are busy with some other appointment… This seems horrible even to imagine!!! This condition can only be unreal if you plan to maintain your AC unit regularly. Specializing in all aspects of air conditioning in Dubai, AC Maintenance Dubai can help to keep you and your family cool in summer. 

Protects from many health issues

Other than working hours, our home is the place where we spend most of our time. That’s why air quality should be a top priority.
When air conditioners are not attended to with regular maintenance, dirt and debris accumulate around the unit. As time passes, the indoor air quality of your home gets poor. In addition, clogged air filters allow contaminated air to pass through, which causes allergies and breathing problems. AC maintenance Dubai helps you get rid of all health risks and ensures the safety of your guests and loved ones.


Your air conditioning system is a major and expensive investment. Naturally, you will protect your investment by both prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that your AC continues to work ideally.
In order to enjoy the benefits of your cooling system, you must take serious notice of its regular maintenance. However, this important annual service is often overlooked, largely because people don’t know the optimal time to have it done. When and how often you have maintenance, plays a vital role in how much it helps your system to work efficiently and how much economical it can be.
For hot areas like Dubai, we can say that spring season is the right time for your AC to get proper maintenance services if it has to cope with the heat of upcoming hot summer days. Prior services are better because at this time many professionals are easily available for services and you get satisfied and relaxed that your system is ready to face summer heatwaves.AC Maintenance Dubai understands the value of your air-con and provides you the highest level of satisfactory services.
While there certainly is an optimal time to schedule maintenance services, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your system maintained regularly if you miss this ideal time. AC Maintenance Dubai can help your Air Con to work at its best, even if you’re in the middle of summer. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in energy efficiency and system functionality when our maintenance service is completed and in the long term, you’ll see savings in your monthly utility bills. Never hesitate to call for an appointment and get your AC maintenance service completed, even if the summer season has already started.
AC Maintenance Dubai provides you a number of tune-up services such as checking electrical connections, cleaning out areas that may have been covered with dust and debris, and lubricating moving parts of the machine to keep them rolling smoothly.


Many alarming signs show your AC maintenance service is overdue. Ignoring these signs may lead to system failure and loss of expensive equipment. When you notice that the unit no longer performs as good as it used to, e.g. not cooling as effectively, or airflow is restricted. Another common sign would be unpleasant smells coming from the system. If any of these signs appear, then it is important to get your units serviced by AC Maintenance Dubai. At this time, you are at the highest risk of the unit failing. A vast majority of expensive air conditioning repairs occur in systems, which have not been well maintained and serviced on time.

Your AC is not cooling properly

When you notice that your system is not providing you the desired temperature. There could be a possibility that your thermostat is not working properly. When you feel warm air blowing out of your Air Con you’ll have to check the thermostat temperature whether it’s switched to cooling mode. If your AC still blows Hot air, there might be chances that your AC is having a restricted flow of air. Dirty and clogged air filters obstruct the normal airflow and reduce the cooling capacity of the AC system significantly. When the filter is very dirty, the air flowing inside bypasses the filter and carries dirt directly to the evaporator coil, thus contaminating the cooling coils. Alternatively, the compressor could be faulty. At AC Maintenance Dubai, we provide the best guidance and solution to the faulty system.

Your AC is having Water Leakage
AC is having Water Leakage

Water leaks around your air conditioner is a warning sign that your cooling system is not running properly. Leaks can quickly demolish your house and may even lead to more damage to your system. If the drain at the rear end is blocked, then water that gets collected inside the AC finds no space to leave and drips inside the room from any opening. When the water inside the AC unit finds no vent, the humidity level inside the room also increases. A quick call to AC Repair Dubai can help sort the problem well.

Your AC is blowing smelly air
AC is blowing smelly air

If you feel that your HVAC system is blowing air with an unpleasant smell, it’s time to deal with the issue before it becomes even worse. Such type of air can be a great risk for the health of your family. Molds and mildew can grow on filters due to extra humidity and dirty evaporator coils.  To help prevent mildew and moisture problems, fix all water leaks, and replace AC filters regularly. Never ignore the smell of rotten eggs in your home. It could be the smell of leaking gas! AC Repair Dubai gives you timely services to control such issues. If something feels like burning, this could be an overheating motor, a wiring issue, or some other serious problem. Turn off the HVAC system immediately from the breaker box.AC Repair Dubai can do a quick diagnostic visit and will find whether your air conditioner needs duct cleaning a tune-up or any other high tech services.

Your AC is giving unusual noises
AC is giving unusual noises

Nowadays AC’s are quieter than before. Modern efficient AC units incorporate sound-dampening technology and variable speed compressors to keep noise levels under control. Low-level noises when AC starts or shut are usually considered normal. However, loud or unusual noises can be a warning sign from your cooling system-don't ignore them, as this could be a sign that your system needs a repair or upgrade.  A loose or broken part, an unbalanced blower, an air filter that needs to be changed are causes of odd noises coming out from your AC. When the copper lines from outside to inside get rubbed against something, a buzzing sound from your outside unit could be noticed.
This type of issue will not typically vanish on its own, so a professional tune-up is necessary.AC Repair Dubai will find the source of the unusual noises and prescribe a solution that will keep your family cool and comfortable in hot weather.

High utility bills

High utility bills

Having air conditioning at your home is probably not a cheap choice as such. You get used to high electricity bills as you are enjoying a lavish cool environment at your home. But if the electricity bills become higher than usual. You have to take notice. Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, but a loss in efficiency will lead to high utility bills. Dirty or clogged filters, duct leaks, failing components, low refrigerant level, lack of maintenance,  bad installation, or a worn-out old system are all reasons your AC itself will cause high electric bills. AC Repair Dubai has all the necessary tools to determine the condition and performance of your AC unit.AC Maintenance Dubai has a team of experienced technicians who will give you recommendations like getting coil clean, duct sealing, replacing a capacitor, or any other part, inserting a programmable thermostat or filter change.

We… Know your AC needs, care about its components, and give you maximum satisfaction level by our services. Always choose AC Repair Dubai and AC Maintenance Dubai, if you are looking for someone who can handle your system with great care, give you good quality, budget-friendly, and timely services. We will be pleased to serve you.