The Importance of Maintaining Your A/C

Is your thermostat staying cool? Performing an a/c preventative maintenance, such as an a/c tune-up, could save you hundreds in future repairs. Plus, your a/c system will blow colder for longer.
You Will Save Money

During your a/c tune-up, the technician will ensure your system is running at maximum energy efficiency and you'll be able to enjoy decreased utility costs. Having your a/c system tuned up will also reduce the number of future breakdowns and increase your system's lifespan. Lastly, did you know that many new a/c warranties require that a licensed professional perform regular maintenance? Ignoring your annual a/c tune-up may be costing you money by voiding your system’s warranty.
What's Covered With Your A/C Tune-Up

You will get a comprehensive 21 point inspection that ensures your a/c system is in top working order. Some of the inspection points include: cleaning the drain line, adding up to 2 pounds of freon, checking for leaks, inspecting all connections, inspecting the condenser fan motor and much more

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