How much does it cost to have your air conditioner serviced in Dubai?

 How much does it cost to have your air conditioner serviced in Dubai?

How much does it cost to have your air conditioner serviced in Dubai?

In the hot weather of Dubai, the only sigh of relief is the indoor cool environment of your house or workplace. Air conditions are actually the landmarks of your comfortable environment. We usually think that this comfort and pleasure will last forever without paying a penny for it, except for the utility bills. We never pay attention to its proper maintenance and services, as we are afraid of the high costs that maintenance services may charge. It’s a myth that AC maintenance services are costly but in fact, your AC may cost more in the long run if not serviced regularly. Generally, Air conditioning services and tune-ups require not more than $200 on average. Unless you have got some replacements and repairs.AC maintenance Dubai is the most experienced and reliable company if you are looking for some extraordinary services for your cooling system. With more than 20 years of experience, AC repair Dubai is continuing to serve its valued customers through its prompt services.

Although regular tune-ups of your AC may not charge you much but generally, service cost also depends on the type of work done on your unit. For example, if your AC needs only cleaning of filters, it will not cost much. However, if your AC filter needs to be replaced it may cost slightly more. It would be correct to say that only cleaning and checkups are not costly, but the replacements are. The need for replacement of any parts arises when you usually ignore regular cleaning and tune-ups of Air Con. AC maintenance Dubai offers the most reliable and cheaper rates than other companies in the market. At the lowest possible rates, our team is ready to serve you at any time.

Types of AC and their Service Charges

Servicing an Air Con can become a massive process. Unless you have vast knowledge about the operation and repair of an AC unit, it is probably best to hire a professional like AC maintenance Dubai. It can take anywhere from an hour to several hours to service an AC, depending on the amount of dirt or debris buildup, size of the unit, and how easily accessible it is. Once these factors are considered AC Repair Dubai will complete the task in the lowest possible time. Service charges also depend on the type of cooling unit you have 

❖  Portable AC Maintenance Charges

We can move a portable AC or can mount it on some wall. The maintenance cost is generally $30-$120. It may usually need servicing for a clogged drain, which costs about $80-$200 to repair.AC maintenance Dubai has experienced technicians to deal with your portable AC.

❖  Window AC Maintenance Charges

Window AC systems are generally simple units and only require annual tuning at a cost of $30-$100 on average. Repair charges are also cheap. They require general cleaning, which is required because of the sticking of insects inside in the off-season. The repair cost for compressor malfunction may charge about $50-$100.AC maintenance Dubai has a competent team of technicians who are experienced in Window ACs.

❖  Central AC Maintenance Charges

The minimum charges for services of central AC range from $75-$150 on average. Central AC is usually installed in commercial buildings. Central AC is used on a large scale, therefore, needs regular maintenance. AC maintenance Dubai is ready to serve your commercial cooling system whenever you need it.

❖  Ductless Split Maintenance Charges

These systems are without ducts so the maintenance of ducts is not required. They have separate zones so when one part is serviced others can continue to work. A ductless split requires a maintenance charge of about $700. You can rely on AC maintenance Dubai who provides prompt maintenance services at the minimum possible rates. 

Air Conditioner Repair Charges

When you schedule your AC maintenance, you may face some additional costs. It is because you have not planned for a tune-up for a long time or your AC is too old.AC maintenance Dubai is the company that knows the real meaning of maintenance and understands the actual need of your cooling unit.

Here are some replacement charges.

Air filter $1-$20

Thermostat $20-$200

Fan motor $140-$500

Condenser coil cleaning $40-$90

Evaporator coil cleaning $90-$300

Gas Refilling $120-$280

Fixing refrigerant leak $200-$1,100

Condenser   $400-$700

Duct cleaning $200-$450

Compressor $1,000-$2,500

 Factors Affecting AC maintenance charges

AC maintenance cost charges vary according to several circumstances, including:

●     Size of AC. The larger your cooling unit is, the more maintenance will charge.

●     Age of AC. Older units are more likely to face wear and tear and hence adds up to more replacement charges.

●     Time of maintenance. If you are planning maintenance services in hot summers, you will have to pay more and wait for more for busy AC maintenance companies to visit you. Where you pay 100$ in winters you will have to pay, up to 250$ in summers.

●     Regular maintenance service. If you have been doing preventative maintenance, such as changing or cleaning the filter and planned regular tune-ups you are less likely to face expensive repairs.

●     Accessibility of AC. If your unit is installed in a place where it is not easily accessible by the workers you may be charged more for pre-work settings and arrangements. So whenever you get your unit installed always make sure to install it in a place where it is easily hackable for tune-ups and services.

●     Right professional.

Choosing the right professional is the first thing you should take care of. If you hire an untrained professional it will charge you more in the long run.AC maintenance Dubai is the right choice when you think of highly professional workers for your AC.

●     Warranty. If your AC still has a warranty, some repairs can be adjusted. A typical AC warranty runs for 5 years, So if your AC is in the warranty period you will have to pay less for maintenance services

AC maintenance Dubai is one of the renowned companies in Dubai that can understand the need for your AC very well. We deal with all kinds of AC’s and are available 24 hours to serve you in the best possible ways and at low prices. We are just a call away. Feel free to contact us.