What is the best AC unit to install in dubai?

 What is the best AC unit to install in UAE, Dubai & Sharjah?

What is the best AC unit to install?

As a homeowner, AC installation is a big decision and you should keep into consideration many things before you finally choose which unit you are going to install at your place. It mainly depends on what you value the most in a top brand HVAC system. The major factors for most people will be the total expense to install the best AC brands; the lifespan of the AC, guarantees offered, power efficiency, and the size of the unit you need according to your home’s square footage. AC maintenance Dubai is here to guide you on which factors you should keep in mind when choosing a cooling unit.

It solely depends on your wallet, and what you value the most in a new air conditioning unit. Like many other things, you get what you pay for and should plan your budget accordingly. AC maintenance Dubai is your best companion wherever you are going to choose a new cooling system up to its installation and maintenance as well.

Your AC is a large investment into your house and so you definitely want to get its actual worth. The question is how do you know which one is right for your home? Thinking about your AC size, high-efficiency, home requirements, quality, cost, and many more things are enough to make your head spin. AC maintenance Dubai is here to make this decision, simple and easy to help you make the best choice for your family and budget.

Types of Air conditioning Units

There are different types of air conditioners that are designed for different spaces and requirements. 

●    Central AC

A central AC contains the compressor, evaporator, and condenser in a single piece that is installed on a roof or a concrete slab near the base. From the unit, ducts running through the outside wall or roof draw air from inside the building and return cooled air indoors. This type is mainly used for a large-scale cooling system.

●    Ductless, Mini-Split AC

This is the right choice for homes that do not have ductwork. The ductless, mini-split systems combine an outdoor compressor and condenser with one or more indoor air-blowing units. These units are mounted on the wall. Tubing connects the indoor and outdoor units and circulates refrigerant gas between them. Split AC cools one room at a time. These can be installed without tearing up walls, and allow the temperature to be controlled independently in each room. They can be more energy-efficient but are more expensive if you are cooling an entire home.

●    Window AC

These are the most common types of AC units for single rooms. All of the components are contained in a single box with a single thermostat gauge. They are very efficient for cooling.

●    Portable AC

This is similar to a window system, but it can be shifted from room to room. It’s freestanding on the floor so you can move it from one place to another. It only uses an outlet to power on and a window for the exhaust air.

What Type of Unit is Best to install for My Home?

Once you know what types of AC units are available, you can decide which one is best for you. This depends on your wallet, warranties, square footage, and specifications.

⮚    Wallet:

 Window or portable AC that cools a single room is the cheapest option. It is also the least effective option. Its cooling efficiency is average but not too much. A ductless system can be cost-effective if you’re only cooling a few rooms. If you choose it for the whole house, it can be expensive. A central AC unit is more expensive, but also more efficient and will last longer than a portable or window AC. This AC is mostly used for commercial purposes or big houses.AC maintenance Dubai guides you on visiting your home, which kind of unit is best for your place.

⮚    SEER Ratings:

When considering air conditioners for your home, one term that you come across is seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER rating. A SEER rating is the ratio of the cooling output of an AC, divided by the energy it consumed in Watt-Hours. 

Central Air-Con ranges from 13 to 24 SEER. AC maintenance Dubai recommends that in the hot and humid climate of Dubai you should choose an air conditioner with a SEER of at least 15. If you have an older system with a SEER of 10, we can upgrade your unit to a SEER 15. It would cut your AC utility bills significantly.

⮚    Home Square Footage:

This should be your first thing to consider when choosing types of AC. You will need an AC that has the output capacity to cool the entire home. Estimating the right size AC unit for your house is very important if you want to have the desired level of comfort and efficiency. The smallest central AC unit is 18,000 BTUs (1.5 tons), while the largest is 60,000 BTUs (5 tons).

Today electricity is very expensive and you should not waste it on running central AC that is too big. On the other hand, installing a central unit that is too small will not keep your home cool! So while you will be saving money, you will not get the desired temperature range.AC maintenance Dubai provides you free estimation services. Our HVAC experts will calculate the complete cooling load and tell, the unit which capacity is best for your home.

What is the best AC unit to install in dubai?

⮚    Warranties:

Proficient AC manufacturers stand to support their products and most HVAC systems are designed to last for 15 years or longer. While it is significant to consider warranties that are for the longest period, it is also essential to look over the things, which the warranty covers. Some warranties may have different timeframes for different components of the unit, some do not include the cost of labor, so it’s important to ask manufacturers about what the warranty does and does not include.AC maintenance Dubai provides you complete guidance about warranties of different AC brands because we are dealing with ACs on daily basis.

⮚    Energy Saving specifications

Air conditioners have been providing a cool and comfortable environment for us for years, but only now modern units have become more efficient. Many energy-saving specs are important to consider i.e. two-stage cooling, Thermal expansion valves, Automatic fan delay switch, and variable speed motors. AC maintenance Dubai is not only your best companion in AC maintenance, services, and installation but also our workers will explain these advanced features to you whenever you are buying your cooling unit under our supervision.