Why Split AC Servicing In Dubai Is A Must Before Summers

Harsh weather conditions, be it hot or cold, are tough to tolerate. But, thanks to technological advancements we can live in the cool confines of our homes and/ or offices without bothering much about the outside temperature. And, if you are in this part of the world, namely Dubai you would want to keep thanking the creators of air conditioners forever, more so the developers of split ACs.
No matter how hot and humid the outside weather might get, but when you switch on an AC it makes your room as cold as you would want it to be. An air conditioner is an expensive machine which performs at its optimum level when maintained in prime health.
As you know, the more you take care of your health, greater are the chances that you would live a healthy life. Likewise, when you maintain your split AC properly, odds are that it would remain in excellent working condition without giving you trouble, or breaking down. That is where we need to understand the role of split AC servicing Dubai.
Split air conditioners are of different types, makes and capacities.

When should you call a specialist for AC maintenance in Dubai?

If you want your split AC to run smoothly throughout the summers, without giving you any trouble, or breaking down, you need to get it serviced at regular intervals.
You do not use your split ACs during the winter months, which is a good two or three months at a stretch. Your split AC is a machinery which needs servicing after lying idle for such a long duration. Hence, just before the onset of summers, you should call in a split AC servicing Dubai expert and get your air conditioner serviced.

Why AC maintenance in Dubai is important?

  1. Routine and regular maintenance of your split AC increases the life of your unit.
  2. It reduces the chances of a breakdown.
  3. It decreases your power bills.
  4. A properly maintained AC has a better cooling capacity.
  5. There are no unwanted noises from the unit.
  6. It gives you peace of mind

Why you should call a specialist for split AC servicing Dubai?

As mentioned earlier, your split AC is an expensive machinery, and you should only allow experts to service them. Money should never be the only criterion for awarding servicing assignments to an individual or company. Amateurs might charge you less, but they can also ruin the unit, which in the end is never a smart decision. You should therefore only call in professionals who know their job thoroughly. Of course you would want your split AC to work smoothly throughout the season.

How to optimise the functioning of your split AC?

If you follow these simple rules, you can improve the performance of your split AC. Moreover, it also increases the life of your split AC.

  1. Turn off your split AC when you are not in the room.
  2. Use fan along with your split AC so that there is less load on your air conditioner.
  3. Use thick curtains on the windows if the room directly faces the sun so that your split AC does not have to work over time.
  4. Use exhaust fan in the kitchen while cooking the food.
  5. It is not a good idea to waste energy and spoil your split AC in the process. Do not keep the temperature of your air conditioner lower than 22 degrees. Your split AC has to continuously work to cool the room, which is a waste of time, money and energy.

If you are looking for a split AC servicing Dubai professional, just pick up the phone and call Al Hadi Refrigeration and Repairing to schedule an appointment today. We are a professionally managed company having trained specialists who service split ACs of all makes and capacities.
With over 15 years of industry experience, we at Al Hadi can take care of all your split ACs throughout the year.

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