How often should an Air conditioning system be serviced in Dubai, UAE ?

How often should an AC system be serviced?

AC Service in Dubai

No one can deny the need and importance of AC in the hot weather of Dubai. Air conditioners are of sole importance in a country like Dubai. As it works day and night in hot climates, it needs regular services. It is necessary for comfortable living and the health of your family. Usually, an air conditioning unit needs servicing once or twice a year but mainly depends upon many factors. AC maintenance Dubai provides you the best maintenance services up to your satisfaction level.

Your air conditioning system is a major and expensive investment. It’s natural that you will protect your investment by both prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that your AC continues to work ideally. To enjoy the benefits of your cooling system, you must take serious notice of its regular maintenance. However, this important annual service is often overlooked, largely because people don’t know the optimal time to have it done. When and how often you have maintenance, plays a vital role in how much it helps your system to work efficiently and how economical it can be.

Best time for AC maintenance services in dubai.

For hot areas like Dubai, we can say that the spring season is the right time for your AC to get proper maintenance services if it has to cope with the heat of upcoming hot summer days. Prior maintenance is better because at this time many professionals are easily available for services and you get satisfied and relaxed that your system is ready to face heatwaves.AC Maintenance Dubai understands the value of your air-con and provides prompt and timely services.

While there certainly is an optimal time to schedule AC maintenance services, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have, your system serviced regularly if you miss this ideal time. AC Maintenance Dubai makes your Air Con work at its best, even if you’re in the middle of hot summer. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in energy efficiency and system functionality when our maintenance service is completed and in the long term, you’ll see savings in your monthly utility bills. Never hesitate to call AC maintenance Dubai, for an appointment and get your AC maintenance service completed, even if the summer season has already started.

AC Maintenance Dubai provides you several keep ups and tune-up services such as checking electrical connections, cleaning out areas that may have been covered with dust and debris, and lubricating moving parts of the machine to keep them rolling smoothly.

Factors affecting the need for AC maintenance

1. Age of AC

If your AC is too old it will need maintenance services more often. As the older units, face more wear and tear with time.AC maintenance Dubai is an expert in fixing older torn off units.

2. Usage of AC

Maintenance servicing directly depends upon the usage of AC. The more the usage is, the more services it needs.AC Repair Dubai handles all kinds of cooling units and gives services according to the ultimate need of your AC.

3. Previous servicing

It’s time for your AC to get tuning services if you did its maintenance last year. You should not ignore AC maintenance when a year has been passed since the last servicing.AC maintenance Dubai provides different packages for AC servicing which include annual as well as semiannual services.

4.   Untrained professional services

If any untrained professional is treating your AC then it will need more AC services, more repairs, and ultimately more costs. Always choose the right professional when it is required for your AC, ignoring this will make you face more costly services in the future.AC maintenance Dubai has a team of highly trained and professional technicians and engineers who will leave your unit in top-notch conditions.

Signs, when you’re AC, needs servicing

There are many signs, which you should never ignore and call for maintenance services immediately. These are some alarming signals from your cooling system, which if not fixed on time can lead to unit failure.

●    Bad noises: If your AC is producing some odd kind of sounds then you should call for AC experts to fix the problem on time.

●    Water leakage: Most of the cooling units experience water leakage problems when there is some blockage in the drainpipe or it may be due to some other reason. You can’t fix this problem at home. so always call for AC maintenance Dubai who will arrive at your place within the minimum possible time to attend your cooling unit well.

●    Smelly Air: If your system is emitting air with a foul smell, it is a great risk for your family. Foul smell indicates that some bacteria and fungus are covering the air filters and producing unhealthy air.AC maintenance Dubai can solve the problem immediately by cleaning or replacing the air filters.

●    Hot Air: Your AC fails to give you good quality cool air if the air filters are clogged with dust and debris or if the thermostat is not working properly. Trained engineers of AC maintenance Dubai can fix this problem efficiently.

●    High utility bills: Very High electricity bills, is a sign that your cooling system is not working efficiently and consumes more energy. Regular maintenance services keep your system working efficiently and keep you safe from high utility bills.

●    Humid air: If your AC is giving out humid air. It can make you face many health risks like allergies and asthma. In addition, it may harm your indoor furniture and decoration.


AC maintenance services in dubai


Regular AC maintenance services in Dubai are essential in order to avoid sudden malfunctioning of your unit. You should make a proper schedule for maintenance services of your AirCon right after 3months if you use it on a daily basis. And if you use your AC very often then do schedule its maintenance once or twice a year. In addition, you should call for AC tune-up services in the spring season. Spring season is ideal in the sense that before starting off hot summer your unit is ready to face the hot climatic conditions. Always remember AC maintenance Dubai whenever thinking of excellent maintenance services for your cooling system. We are available to serve you 24 hours whether you call for annual AC services or you need some emergency repair services.